What can we do for you?

Biotech Recruitment Consultants can offer a number of services that will assist you to grow and develop your company. These services include:

  • Organisational structure and human resources planning.
  • Executive search.
  • Recruitment.
  • A listing of current candidates.
  • Useful tips to assist you in interviewing candidates.

The benefits of using a Recruitment Consultant

Biotech companies are often stretched to capacity in terms of the resources available to them – human resources, finances and most of all, time required to do all the myriad jobs that need to be done. Often, these very companies fail to see the benefits of approaching a recruitment consultant. Consider, however, the costs of NOT using a recruitment consultant:

  • the cost of your time in writing job advertisements;
  • the cost of your time in wading through the applications;
  • the cost of your time in conducting the initial interviews; and
  • the disruption in your work day that comes with doing all of the above.

Why choose Biotech Recruitment Consultants?

As specialists in the biotech industry, we have access to a large number of active and passive candidates with the skills and experience that you might be looking for. We maintain contact with these candidates on a regular basis to know and understand their career aspirations and goals, and what they wish to achieve in their next career step.

Thus additional benefits that you will obtain through us include:

  • access to a much broader range of candidates;
  • greater likelihood of job offers actually being accepted;
  • cost savings through saving yours and your staff’s time;
  • avoiding the hassle of all the difficult negotiations – we do it all for you; and
  • obtaining a quicker result.

Our Mission


Specialists in Biotechnology Recruitment

Biotech Recruitment Consultants aims to further the development of the global biotechnology industry by providing a specialised and personalised consulting service to assist biotech companies in the strategic planning and implementation of their recruitment process.