Have you considered the possibility of taking on some interns or work experience students as part of your overall recruitment activities?

As many employers will be aware, there is a significant talent shortage in most countries for qualified and experienced personnel in key areas such as clinical research, regulatory affairs, environmental management, etc.
As many of these roles are really learnt on-the-job, rather than through university courses, it is important for companies to encourage and nurture the development of these skills in less-experienced staff so that the pool of experienced people in these roles increases.

On the other side of the equation are the new graduates who are intelligent and keen, but often with little idea of potential career prospects.
By providing opportunities for these new graduates to experience a range of different roles in a company through work experience or internship positions, they will be exposed to a more practical learning experience that will help them determine the role that suits them best.

At Biotech Recruitment Consultants, we have a long list of graduates that would be keen to take on an internship or work experience to help them on their way.
If you would be interested in considering taking on an intern, please don’t hesitate to contact us now for a confidential and discrete discussion.



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